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The European Union (EU) awarded the Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisations 2 (TACSO 2) project to the Swedish Institute for Public Administration (SIPU) International in cooperation with partners Ecorys International, the Association for Civil Society Development (SMART), the International NGO Training and Research Centre (INTRAC), Partners Foundation for Local Development (FPDL) and Euclid Network.

After four years of project implementation, TACSO has grown into an interesting paradigm of a regional project, while at the same time maintaining that it is as much a national project as it is a regional project. TACSO has managed to a large extent to respond to CSOs’ needs in each TACSO country without jeopardizing the regional dimension and yet when dealing with regional initiatives it has not neglected the national needs.

TACSO 2 will become fully operational on September 2, 2013

TACSO 2 will be a springboard for building better capacity in the national and regional Civil Society Organisation (CSO) communities, ensuring a successful handover of TACSO systems and a sustainable legacy of best practices, methodologies, and trainings.

In addition, during TACSO 2, both knowledge and experience in best practices and CSO networking will continue to be built upon through various means, one of which is the new project element, the People 2 People (P2P) Programme.

“We are very glad that the solid reputation of our Consortium was recognized, as well as our consistent success in knowledge transfer and ownership to local stakeholders and attaining sustainability of the project,” – stated Ake Sahlin, TACSO Project Director, SIPU International.

Due to Croatia’s EU accession, it will no longer be one of the project’s beneficiary countries. Instead, Iceland will be the eighth country in TACSO 2 joining Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. The EU has granted 10,59 million Euros to TACSO 2 recognising the significance of civil society’s role in furthering the democratic processes in the region.

For more information, please visit or contact Ms. Sanela Tunović, TACSO PR and Communication Officer  by mobile: +387 61 539 535 or by

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