News archive - New EBRD Strategy for FYR Macedonia

The EBRD has adopted a new strategy for FYR Macedonia which sets out the Bank’s priorities for the country. The strategy aims at supporting the country’s integration into regional and global markets through the Bank’s investments and other activities, especially in intensified cooperation with key partners such as the European Union and the European Investment Bank.

The strategy, which covers the period 2013-16, defines the following priorities:

  • Corporate and municipal sectors: The EBRD will continue to assist in attracting and supporting foreign investment. The Bank will also seek to assist local corporates and attract private sector involvement in the municipal sector with the aim of improving the quality of services.
  • Energy efficiency and sustainable energy: The Bank’s focus will be to strengthen the capacity of the regulator and to develop renewable sources of energy through projects and policy dialogue. It will also use its expertise to further promote energy efficiency in the private and public sectors.
  • Regional integration: The Bank will work closely with the authorities, other IFIs and private sector investors to help improve transport networks, thereby facilitating greater cross-border trade and investment. Developing further links with the regional energy market is also a priority. The Western Balkans Investment Framework will provide the ideal policy dialogue platform for regional integration.

The EBRD has been operating in FYR Macedonia since 1993 and to date has signed 80 projects with a net cumulative business volume of €1.1 billion. Nearly 36 per cent of cumulative commitments are in the infrastructure sector, 28 per cent in the financial sector, 20 per cent in the energy sector and 16 per cent in industry, commerce and agribusiness.


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