Albanian-language history teaching is provided in five countries in south-eastern Europe, each with its own national school curricula whose needs and requirements the teaching has to take into account. Textbooks and curricula in this subject are accordingly diverse; some books used in schools are translations of the textbooks provided for the majority-language population in each country(where this majority language is not Albanian), whereas curricula are prescribed at national level in Albania itself and in Kosovo. The differences in perspectives on historical events from country to country poses a challenge to textbooks and curricula, raising the questionof whether and how these divergent points of view and historiographies can be reconciled to one another in history teaching.

In response to this challenge, the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research, based in Braunschweig, Germany, is to hold a conference on this subject on 7 and 8 November 2013 in Prishtina, to which we would like to invite historians, teachers, textbook authors and decision-makers from government ministries and publishing houses to detail and discuss their views and findings on the issues. 

The papers and discussions should focus on the following five topic areas:

·         Issues and challenges in curriculum development

·         Analysis of history textbooks and history teaching

·         What are thetasks of history teaching and communication?

·         Textbooks as teaching media and their use in the classroom

·         The interaction of textbooks and teaching methods

The conference will be held in English and Albanian.

If you are interested in contributing to this conference, please send an abstract of your proposed paper (300 words) and a brief CV, both in Albanian, English or German to Claudia Lichnofsky at

The Deadline for the submission of proposals is 30 May 2013. Attendance at the conference is free of charge; travel and accommodation expenses for paper presenter

The project follows on from the “Textbook and Curriculum Development in South Eastern Europe” project and its sub-project around the Albanian-speaking areas of the region. The geographical area it covers encompasses Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and southern Serbia.

The project will involve organising conferences on the content of textbooks and on public discourse around ethnic, national, state and regional approaches to history in the context of school and running seminars on textbook design. Stipends for textbook authors and academics working in this field will enable them to spend time working at the GEI on detailed questions relating to these issues.

Project duration: 2013-2015 - Funding: German Federal Foreign Office


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