News archive - Al Jazeera Balkans Emission “Kontekst” on Scientific Research in the Region

The guests of the show discussed why it is necessary to connect research with public policies, especially in terms of economic and societal growth and development. The claim is that scientific research, especially in the social sciences, are not used in order to improve society or help developing adequate public policies in the region and its respective countries. Furthermore, states in the region are found to be severely lacking investment in science, especially the social sciences.

The following questions were in focus:

  1. Are states in the region investing enough funds in science and scientific research?
  2. Are scientific research results used in public policies and decision making in the region?

Guests of the show were experts from the RRPP regional network: in Belgrade – MP and Member of the “Education, Science, Technical Development and Information Society Board” in the Parliament of Serbia, Dr Neven Cvetićanin; In Skopje – Professor at the International Balkan University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Dr Snežana Bilić-Sotiroska and in Sarajevo, RPPP researcher and Assistant Professor at the Economic Faculty, University of Sarajevo, Dr Adnan Efendić.

The show (in Bosnian language) may be watched online.

Sources: RRPP

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