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There is no better way for Kosovo to approach the European Research Area than with a strong ICT foundation. 

In order to help strengthen Kosovo’s capacity to participate in EU funded ICT research, and to pave the way for the collaboration of Kosovar researchers with researchers in Europe but also across the globe, the  FP7 project "ICT-KOSEU" presents two new activities aimed at the involvement of the Kosovar ICT Diaspora.


Kosovar ICT Diaspora membership

Kosovo has a strong Diaspora in EU countries and abroad who are involved in ICT research and development at the global level. We count as Diaspora all Kosovo nationals, or those of origin from Kosovo residing in the EU or abroad (USA, Australia, etc.) and working in ICT and related subjects.

ICT-KOSEU invites these professionals to join efforts of bringing Kosovo closer to the European Research Area and to become members of the Kosovar ICT Diaspora in the project.

Interested to become a member of the Kosovar ICT Diaspora – what to do?

  1. Fill in the Diaspora membership registration form.
  2. Join the dedicated LinkedIn group.

Establishment of an ICT Diaspora Advisory Board

Selected members of the Diaspora registered to the project can become members of a Diaspora Advisory Board (DAB). This is established by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) of Kosovo and the University of Prishtina (UPR) under the auspices of the Ministry of Diaspora.

The DAB will be constituted of three academics / researchers of the Kosovar ICT Diaspora members.

Interested to become a member of the Diaspora Advisory Board (DAB)?

  1. You should first become (if yet not) a member of the Kosovar ICT Diaspora – see the section above.
  2. When filling in the Diaspora membership registration form, answer with YES when asked if interested to apply for DAB membership.

The main general function of the DAB will be:

  • To advise Kosovo policy makers on how to best prepare the Kosovo researchers for participation in European Research and the European Union’s Research Framework Programmes.
  • To build and maintain a positive image of the Kosovo ICT research in EU.
  • To network and promote local stakeholders.

For more details on the responsibilities of the DAB and its appointment, see the Terms of Referencefor the DAB in the attached file.


Geographical focus
  • Kosovo*
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Engineering and Technology

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