News archive - [Event Announcement] Workshop on Innovation in EU-Mediterranean and Western Balkans: WBC-INCO.NET - MIRA meeting

WBC-INCO.NET is co-organising together with the project MIRA, Fostering the European Union-Mediterranean Partner Countries (EU-MPC) Innovation and Science & Technology Communities of Practice. 

The MIRA project is a dialogue and discussion platform which encourages scientific and technological cooperation between the North and the South of the MED. Innovation is a major component within MIRA as well as WBC-INCO.NET. Both projects investigate the processes of knowledge and technology transfer, clustering and entrepreneurship. This workshop is an opportunity to link success stories and lessons learned from both MIRA as well as WBC-INCO.NET have been identified.

The objectives for the workshop are to

  • To promote exchange of experiences and creation of linkages among MIRA and WBC-INCO.NET in view of network building
  • Discuss cooperation possibilities and synergies between the activities of both projects
  • Identify common innovation needs/demands and good practices
  • Discussion of a toolbox
  • Agreement on Joint Activities

It is organized by the Bosnian Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA, Bosnia Herzegovina), possibly Montenegrin Ministry of Science (MoS-ME) with support from DLR, BC (and potentially other MIRA partners involved in EMIS-activities).

The invited participants meet November 5 in Hotel Europe (Registration starting 11.00, workshop starting 14.00 after a joint lunch).

Main points on the agenda will be:

  • regional approach to innovation issues
  • mapping of national initiatives towards innovation (innovation strategies, innovation measures, involvement in the EU Innovation activities such as Innovation Union, experiences in EU-Mediterranean innovation projects)
  • EMIS Presentation
  • The Clusters activities within MIRA
  • The Innovation Forums of MIRA
  • The Technological Transfer Analysis
  • The Technology Transfer Workshops
  • Networking of Innovation Support Laboratories in the Mediterranean
  • Western Balkan countries Innovation strategies
  • Regional R&D Strategy for Innovation
  • Mapping of national initiatives towards innovation (innovation strategies, approach towards Innovation Union)
  • Identification of common innovation needs and demands, round table discussion
  • Discussion on barriers to cooperation in international cooperation in innovation, research and technology transfer (sharing experience from MIRA and WBC region) – proposals how to overcome some barriers
  • The experience of the IT1, EIB, and MIRA Survey
  • Presentation on activities of Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Research Workshop on Migration from BiH, Workshop on Emigration Issues in the Western Balkans-joint approaches)
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Geographical focus
  • International; Other
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • General

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