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In Montenegro, clusters were first mentioned in 2004. Since then, many seminars and round tables on clusters have been organised.

Clusters as an efficient tool for SME development are growing in popularity in developing countries. Having in mind the limitations faced by small and medium-sized enterprises in their business, clusters represent an opportunity to develop associations, strengthen connections and build trust, and thus created better conditions for their growth and development, primarily the development of competitiveness on the local, regional, national and international markets.

In Montenegro extensive development of the process started in 2010 when the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Economic development (CEED) and the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasting (ISSP), in cooperation with the United Nations system (UNIDO and UNDP), initiated concrete steps in the identification of clusters with the best development potentials in Montenegro. In the same year, cluster mapping was carried out in the northern region of Montenegro, and two diagnostic studies were developed for two potential clusters mapped in that area. Already in 2011, cluster development initiative was expanded throughout the entire country. The mapping process was carried out in the entire territory, and 62 potential clusters were mapped in agriculture, wood processing, food processing, construction, tourism and manufacturing industries (metal industry and stone processing).

Possibilities for cluster development in Montenegro are large. They are mostly contained in comparative advantages, but in competitive advantages as well.

The goal of the process is to create opportunities for a better use of resources, better links among potential companies, creation of “collective efficiency” and raising competitiveness. Plans for the future period include the implementation of activities from the Strategy, as well as further promotion of cluster initiative and tools for their development. The plan is to have the cluster initiative operational by 2016 and to have as many SMEs as possible involved in clusters. For that purpose, loans provided by the Investment Development Funds are given with more favourable conditions for companies that are cluster members.

Source: InTER Newsletter 3, Nikša Bulatović, consultant, CEED Consulting, Montenegro

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