News archive - New glossary entry: European Innovation Partnerships

If you wonder about the terminology used by the European Union and would like to know more about specific terms, you can check out our WBC-INCO.NET glossary.

We have just entered a new term: the European Innovation Partnerships, a novel concept to tackle the grand challenges Europe faces. The partnerships shall coordinate existing initiatives and instruments, bringing together relevant actors from the public and private sector.

EIPs are launched only in areas, and consist only of activities, in which government intervention is clearly justified and where combining EU, national and regional efforts in R&D and demand-side measures will achieve the target quicker and more efficiently.

Information about the already existing EIPs is available from the links to our project database.

Geographical focus
  • Europe
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

Entry created by Elke Dall on August 2, 2012
Modified on August 2, 2012