Rivista Est-Ovest (online version)

With the activation of the site www.est-ovest.eu is being put on-line No. 1/2009 of the Review “Est-Ovest” (East-West), edited since 1970 as the expression and site of debate around the staff of analysts of the former Institute of Studies on Eastern Europe (I. S. D. E. E., Trieste) since January 2008 incorporated as “ISDEE Studies and Research Dept.” in the Agency of services for the development and the international economic cooperation, Informest Gorizia.

The standing structure of analysts in the Department relies on a long-lasting experience and a high sensitiveness about internal changes of the Central and South-Eastern European Countries in particular, their interconnections and reform processes, featuring the past and the on-going accession paths to EU, and the relevance of European Neighborhood Policy.

The Department deals with the publication of the Review “Est-Ovest”, that in the new quarterly edition in electronic format develops analytical trends (international relations; politics and economy of relevant countries; internationalization process of productive value chains and clusters in the CEE region; agricultural and environmental policy; strategic perspectives of communication and transport networks, also for energy; institution building of regional and local systems and their cross-border initiatives; monitoring of social, demographic and labour-market subjects), that in the last thirty years made “East–West” to be a single tool in Italy for the understanding and for the scientific dialogue with Central and Eastern Europe.

The Review (for free, with a special peer review Section – “Studies and Research”) counts in particular on the collaboration of experts of the Universities of Bologna, Trieste, Udine and Venice, but is open to all forms of cooperation and assistance.

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