European Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Helpdesk

The Helpline service of the European IPR Helpdesk provides professional advice to your specific IP or IPR query  –  customized, straight-forwardly, comprehensibly and free of charge. Get in touch with our team of experienced lawyers via registration on our website, phone or fax and receive a qualified answer or examination of your personal IP issue within three working days. In addition IPR Helpdesk offers free of charge training events on different aspects of IP management and IPR based on a practical and comprehensive training approach. Regular publications such as an eMail Newsletter and the Bulletin keep you updated on the latest developments in the field of IP and IPR.

Geographical focus
  • International; Other
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • General

Entry created by Ines Marinkovic on November 10, 2011
Modified on January 19, 2018