Scholarships and Grant Database

"Postgraduate Scholarships and Grant Opportunities for South Eastern Europe in Social Sciences is a web portal for graduate students from South Eastern Europe on available scholarships and grants in the European Union Member States and beyond. Having in mind the overall process of transformation of the Stability Pact, the aim of this database is to transfer this pilot project into an established regionally-owned, constantly updated information service.

Initial coverage of the Postgraduate Scholarships and Grant Opportunities in Social Sciences only will gradually be expanded towards covering all fields of study. This pilot project is part of a wider effort of the Stability Pact's core objective of Fostering and Building Human Capital. One of its principal aims is to enhance brain circulation between South Eastern Europe and the European Union.

The background research aimed at gathering necessary information about Scholarships and Grants, as well as their classification, was conducted by the Working Table 1 - Fostering and Building Human Capital Team of the Stability Pact."

Source: Stability Pact Website, as accessed in March 2007.

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