Business Start-Up Centre Kosovo

"The Business Start-up Centre Kosovo (BSCK) assists graduate students and young graduates of all faculties of all universities in Kosovo in establishing Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). It offers practical training courses and consultancy as well as accessible micro-credits for the most promising business ideas. The overall objectives of the project activities are:

Strategic Project Goals:

  • To bring together the Higher Education sector and the Business sector in Kosovo in order to better meet the needs of the labor market
  • To contribute to the economic development in Kosovo;
  • *To improve the regional trade and investment climate to accelerate European economic integration.

Project objectives

  • To establish a sustainable BSC in Prishtina, drawing on expertise at existing BSCs in the Netherlands as well as in South East Europe;
  • To raise the entrepreneurial spirit among graduate students and recent graduates;
  • To strengthen links between the education and the business sector;
  • To develop training and SME support processes for the target group in close cooperation with EU and SEE experts and representatives of the business sector."

Source: BSC Kosovo website, as accessed in February 2007.

Geographical focus
  • Kosovo*

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