NETWATCH supports transnational R&D programme collaboration in Europe, most notably on the ERA-NET scheme. NETWATCH is mapping these ERA-NETs. It provides information on Joint Calls, and will give analysis and evidence of the impact of programme collaboration and describes their scope and results. It also supports mutual learning among transnational programme networks.

NETWATCH supports national researchers, research policy makers in Member States, R&D programme managers, and the Commission's own Research services by providing relevant information and analysis to assess the efficiency and impact of transnational R&D programme cooperation.

In addition, NETWATCH is also developing an interactive space for mutual learning among programme actors such as national and regional programme managers and/or owners through good practice examples, contact databases and a discussion forum.

NETWATCH offers ...

for European researchers:

* Research opportunities and practical information, such as links to current transnational joint calls in the Call Calendar organised by ERA-NETs, thus giving possible access to transnational research projects
* Strategic information, such as on active RTD programme networks, the thematic focus of RTD programme cooperation, joint calls

for National RTD programme actors (managers, agencies):

* Factual information, such as lists of national institutions involved in ERA-NETs, programme information including thematic focus, budgets and participation in ERA-NETs
* Analysis, that will be covering such themes as the thematic evolution of joint calls budgets, success rates and numbers of projects, etc.;

for National RTD policy makers:

* Information, such as statistics on national and European programme actors, programmes and programme cooperation participation
* Analysis, such as the thematic overlap, the ratio of participation in ERA-NETs, national programmes across Europe, the degree of involvement of national programmes and programme agencies and the effects of successful Joint Programming in terms of leverage on budget, project and researchers, etc.

for EU policy makers (especially within the European Commission, but also within other EU Institutions):

* Information, such as an overview of existing national RTD programmes and related statistics based on ERA-NETs, programme budgets, Joint Programming activities
* Analysis, such as thematic complementarities and overlap of RTD programmes at national Member State and EU level, leverage in terms of budgets and participation (RTD participants, researchers) in transnational joint activities
* In future, assessments of the effects of the monitored Joint Programming activities for the European Research Area (ERA).

Geographical focus
  • Europe
  • European Union (EU 27)
  • International; Other

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