Science Connect Mentoring Programme

Science Connect (SciCon) creates, facilitates and supports cooperation between scientists, researchers and other stakeholders of the academic sphere of the African and the European region.

By initiating short term, small scale cooperation we are aiming at developing a generative environment for understanding, learning and developing solutions, which contribute to the quality of life, and focuses on sustainable development through the integration of multi perspective viewpoints.

Science Connect promotes to share experiences and ideas in order to contribute to a better understanding of people and science. Science Connect promotes openness and inclusiveness in order to form a vibrant innovation generating space.

The Science Connect Community believes:

  • in the social inclusion and participation of all people in our networked society
  • in the important role that science plays to facilitate sustainable development of our societies
  • that today’s challenges of sustainable development and living together can only be solved through common efforts and cooperation
  • in innovation and future oriented ways of working together in order to develop  appropriate and sustainable solutions.

Source: "Our Mission".

Geographical focus
  • International; Other

Entry created by Katarina Rohsmann on March 3, 2010
Modified on March 3, 2010