New website for marine and maritime research

The EC has set up a new website for marine and maritime research in the EU. The website is intended as a coherent and focused source of information on the EU’s Marine and Maritime Research Strategy, which is one of the specific implementation measures of the Integrated Maritime Policy for the EU adopted in 2007. The Strategy aims to develop the maritime economy, address increasing environmental pressures on maritime areas due to climate change and to better manage the increasing number of human activities taking place in maritime areas.
EU support for research projects on marine and maritime issues is an important element of the Strategy, and of particular interest on the website is data on the funded projects across different themes of the FP7 Co-operation programme. Similar information is also shown for the Capacities programme, as well as for FP6, and a wide range of policy documents and other information is also available on the site.

Source: EC, UKRO

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Entry created by Elke Dall on February 26, 2010
Modified on February 26, 2010