TransportNet - The University Network for Transport Education and Research

TransportNET is a Network of leading University Groups involved in Transport Research and high-level Education, from several European countries, created in March 2003. These groups are located in schools of Economics and of Engineering, and their activities cover all modes and geographical ranges of transport.

Its purpose is to reinforce and stimulate the quality and efficiency of the research activities carried out by its members, and then to integrate some of those activities in research programs of higher complexity carried out at the network level.

Some of the initiatives of TransportNET foreseen for the near future are these.

  • Advanced Courses in Transport related topics, especially targeted for Ph. D. students of several schools, through exchange of professors and of students.
  • Extended Visits of Ph. D. students of one schools to other schools in the network.
  • Organization of Summer Courses and Workshops, with active engagement of senior and junior members of the participating schools.
  • Systematic integration of doctoral committees of each school by senior professors of other schools in the network.
  • Joint participation of several groups research projects, possibly through bids in international programs.
  • Mutual support in bibliography search and access.

This group presently consists of Eight Universities. Only after consolidation of its working principles and rules will the question of expansion to other members be opened. In the meantime, a structured approach towards participation in the Marie Curie program of the European Commission is being prepared.

Source: TransportNet website, as accessed on March 1, 2010.

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