Press Conference: Commissioner Füle on October 12, 2011 on the 2011 Enlargement Package

European Commission recommends moving onto next stages towards EU entry

European Commission recommends moving onto next stages towards EU entry

"For the candidate and potential candidate countries our policy facilitates a profound transformation. A transformation to a stable, pluralistic democracy which upholds and reinforces the rule of law. A transformation to a functioning market economy and the prospect of long term prosperity. A transformation to a modern society, which fully embraces the values at the heart of the European Union. This same process benefits the European Union and its Member States. At this time of on-going economic uncertainty in Europe, the transformational enlargement process:
- provides stability in the region,
- creates a larger economic space and
- increases the human and cultural capital of our common European home", stated Commissioner Füle on 12 October at the Presentation of the 2011 Enlargement Package.

- Press Release, Speech, Memos:

IP/11/1182, SPEECH/11/652; MEMO/11/686; MEMO/11/687; MEMO/11/688; MEMO/11/689; MEMO/11/690; MEMO/11/691; MEMO/11/692MEMO/11/693;, MEMO/11/694

- 8 Progress reports, Opinion Serbia's membership application, a formal favourable Opinion on Croatia's accession, Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council: "

Enlargement Strategy and Main Challenges 2011-2012''

Geographical focus
  • Albania
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Croatia
  • Kosovo*
  • Montenegro
  • Republic of North Macedonia
  • Serbia
  • Western Balkans

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