Open training platform for building professionals

Building professionals can gain new skills to design and build low energy constructions thanks to Horizon 2020 project PROF-TRAC. This project developed an online platform with free high quality training material for architects, engineers and building managers. It has already trained more than 1,300 professionals. 

The PROF-TRAC project (PROFessional multi-disciplinary TRAining and Continuing development in skills for NZEB principles) identified the knowledge gaps of European professionals in low-energy construction, and created an open training platform for a systematic and sustainable access to upskilling opportunities.  PROF-TRAC created a European Qualification Scheme, which offers common definitions of construction professions across the EU and defines minimum skill levels for each one to build Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings. As well as delivering training courses for professionals, the project created a “train the trainers” scheme. As a result, 59 trainers from 23 countries were trained to devise and implement their own professional training courses.

PROF-TRAC created a huge open source repository of training material for energy efficiency in buildings, containing over 100,000 slides, lecture notes, MOOCS (massive open online courses) and video tutorials. As building energy transition is a very broad area, the range of materials is very diverse. Additional material for the repository is continually added and is welcomed by the project team.  

PROF-TRAC also helped to develop the “BUILD UP Skills Advisor” mobile app, which enables quick access to personalised training and information about the building process, professional profiles and technical tips.

The project’s legacy keeps growing: at least 50 further courses are foreseen in the next five years with 1,700 additional professionals to be trained, using the open source training material repository.

original source: Open training platform for building professionals | EASME

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