OMSA – Organization of Montenegrins Studying Abroad

Montenegrin students abroad united in promoting knowledge and experience


OMSA as a complete, information-wise rich network of Montenegrins studying abroad, with capacity to work globally, as well as regionally and locally.

Main goal

Establishing a platform for an efficient collaboration amongst the MSA population, aiming to stimulate professional, scientific, and other types of collaboration

Additional activities

  • Establishing and maintaining the communities of Montenegrin students at international universities;
  • Establishing a collaboration among university communities on a broader level, regional and national;
  • Collaborating with young professionals from Montenegro educated abroad;
  • Promoting Montenegro, and its cultural and natural heritage;
  • Collaboration with organizations and communities abroad;
  • Collaborating with student organizations, NGOs, and public institutions in Montenegro;
  • Supporting Montenegrin high school students in their future study plans;
  • Using the established network of professionals to the end of supporting Montenegrin sustainable development, especially the development of science and research engagement of Montenegrin youth.

Who are OMSA members?

Montenegrin students who are:

  • On fulltime studies abroad (undergraduate, Master’s, or PhD),
  • On one-year exchange programs,
  • Alumni of international studying programs (max 1 year since the end of their studies).

Who are OMSA Alumni ?

  • OMSA members who completed their studies abroad and do not plan on continuing further academic engagement,
  • MSA Alumni population members who registered after having completed their studies.

OMSA Alumni:

  • Can participate in all projects and outreaches of the Organization,
  • Do not have the right to take executive decisions or vote them out. The only exception is the chosen representative of the Alumni population,
  • Give advice and help develop the network .

OMSA members and alumni…

  • Actively use their networks and collaborations to create opportunities for supporting Montenegrin initiatives in the field of science, education, art, technology, design, environment and sustainable development, healthy lifestyle and human rights
  • Connect OMSA members and introduce them to opportunities and acquaintances that might be of help in their professional development abroad;
  • Cooperate with closely located colleagues in order to promote Montenegro and its cultural and natural heritage
  • Stimulate the education reforms in Montenegro and help it keep pace with global trends and be concurrent at the market of education once the EU integration is complete
  • Actively lobby for the recognition of the MSA population as a strategic social group for Montenegro, as well as for the establishment of a strategy that will ensure the future generations of students are pointed to best studying programs. Additionally, they want to insure that this strategy will allow students of all levels of education to be thoroughly informed on existing opportunities for studies in their field of interest
  • Assist the high school students, undergraduates and future PhD students by giving direct information about applications for studies, internships, study opportunities, summer schools, different cities and countries; this way they ease their choice and transition and assure that MSA is a population that will be recognized as a high-quality academic population
  • Believe that in a country as small as Montenegro individual contribution is of extreme importance to the social development and therefore they work intensely on showing all of the MSA people where and how to participate in the process

Target populations beside the members:

  • High school students
  • Montenegrin students on exchange programs shorter than a year
  • Representatives of Montenegrin diaspora in academia, art, diplomacy, and entrepreneurship.
Geographical focus
  • Montenegro
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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