Web Platform PolicyHub Dedicated to Development of Social Research (focus on Western Balkans)

Center for Social Research Analitika (Bosnia and Herzegovina) started a web platform PolicyHub (www.policyhub.net/bs) now also available in English: http://www.policyhub.net/en and easily accesible at the policy hub twitter account @policyhubWB

The platform is dedicated to the development of social research, with a focus on policy-relevant and applied research in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans.

PolicyHub is an expression of the belief that research should play a key role and is fundamentally important for the adoption and implementation of public policies that respond to the needs of citizens, thus directly contributing to the development of a better and knowledge-based society.

Starting from this assumption, the aim is to initiate a debate and contribute to the development of applied social science research, as well as encourage the use of research in the development and implementation of public policies in the Western Balkans.

In addition, the aim is systematic thematization of the relationship between research and decision-making processes, in order to encourage the development of better public policies based on knowledge, facts and the real citizens' needs.

If you are interested in contributing to this platform or have ideas for future texts, surveys, comments, as well as participation in various initiatives that PolicyHub will organize, feel free to contact the editors and suggest topics you would like to write about at: info@policyhub.net.

Possible formats are: policy brief, policy memorandum, discussion paper, working paper, interview or blog post, in English or official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

PolicyHub is a part of the Regional Research Promotion Programme (RRPP) in the Western Balkans. In addition, PolicyHub is also supported through the project Policy Initiative: Developing Capacity for Research in the Field of Public Policy, funded by the Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For additional information, visit the official website www.policyhub.net, http://www.policyhub.net/en as well as PolicyHub Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter account @policyhubWB

Your questions and comments are welcome at:
PolicyHub – Evidence-based Policy Making.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Geographical focus
  • Albania
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Kosovo*
  • Montenegro
  • Republic of North Macedonia
  • Serbia
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary
  • Social Sciences

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