ENV.net Network Website

The ENV.net Web site has been created with the idea to launch a knowledge sharing platform which allows users to rapidly obtain information, support and advice, while also sharing their experiences. 

Contents currently available are the result of the work of research and mapping conducted in the framework on ENV.net project since January 2013 about the approximation process in particular in the partners' countries (Albania, Kosovo*, Serbia, Turkey). But the website is a work in progress and it will evolve over the next months as the ENVnet team will work hard to tweak & populate it with more contents and updated information, in particular on best practices about civil activism and other initiatives of CSOs working in environmental sector. 

The team hope FPA community will find some inspiration here and will provide some useful tips, comments, contents to make it useful and interesting as a proper knowledge-sharing system.

In the ‘Resource centre’, the ENV.net database is available with the information collected about CSOs and national legislative bodies involved in the approximation to the environmental acquis process in partners' countries; EU environmental legislations (forming the acquis). Relevant national legislations on environmental issues have been also collected and archived there, together with other interesting publications, blogs and websites on CSOs activism in environmental sector in Western Balkans and Turkey. ENV.net team will be very grateful to receive reports of documents or interesting websites/blogs that can help enriching this database!

All novelties on ENV.net activities and news from the world on environmental sector will be highlighted on the ENV.net blog

Therefore ENV.net partners would like to invite all interested CSOs to contact the team (see contact us) for comments, suggestions of contents and news to be shared, tips for improvement of the Web site, but also to use this tool to find ways of collaboration within the project activities (see Get involved).

Geographical focus
  • Europe
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • General

Entry created by Desiree Pecarz on October 2, 2013
Modified on October 2, 2013