“Electric City” - a new onshore and offshore wind event

Event date
November 23-25, 2021
Short description

“Electric City” is a new onshore and offshore wind event, with participants from wind and beyond – heavy industry, mobility, district and domestic heating, storage, hybrids, hydrogen and many more – to join the conversation on how we build a clean economy.


If wind energy is going to be at the heart of Europe’s decarbonised energy system, this will bring new responsibilities. In particular, a deeper understanding of the existing relations (and possible synergies) with other parts of the energy ecosystem is needed. The conference will shift the conversation by gathering experts in business, technology, research and innovation – from the wind industry and from other sectors.

Geographical focus
  • Europe
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Natural Sciences
Event type
  • Conference in EU/international

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