Research Workshop: Towards a Conjuctural Political Economy of Non-Alignment and Cultural Politics

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January 27, 2021 - September 29, 2021
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Hybrid – in-person/via Zoom workshop

The research workshop Towards a Conjunctural Political Economy of Non-Alignment and Cultural Politics is the second of a series of workshops organised within the bilateral research project Models and practices of global cultural exchange and non-aligned movement. Research in spatio-cultural dynamics ( IPS-2020-01-3992, conducted at the Institute of Art History, Zagreb, Croatia and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia and supported by the Slovenian Research Agency and the Croatian Science Foundation.


The multidisciplinary research team focuses on emergent visual assemblages and new models of cultural exchange that emerged in the second half of the 20th century as a consequence of decolonization, and which we see as radical political and aesthetic interventions into the dynamics of global Cold War and North-South relations. We seek to explore the economic, social, cultural and political imaginaries of NAM through a spatio-temporal, or conjunctural, frame. We see NAM as an unstable, dynamic, set of practices connected, in complex and underexplored ways, with broader networks of cultural and political solidarity, of South-South exchanges, and contributing to a common political agenda of decolonization. Challenging the supposed universality of colonial modernity and questioning capitalist concepts of development, a conjunctural political economy of NAM explores the material conditions and socio-political contexts of cultural exchange.

Close to the 60th anniversary of the Belgrade summit that heralded the formation of the Non-Aligned Movement (1-5 September 1961), this conference, organised by the Institute of Art History, Zagreb in collaboration with the NGO Drugo more from Rijeka, will explore aspects of a critical conjunctural political economy of non-alignment and cultural politics.

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  • SEE
  • WBC
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  • Humanities
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