Academic Conference 30 Years of Transition - Ljubo Sirc Centenary

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May 21-22, 2020
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Faculty of Law and Business Studies at Catholic Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia is organizing a two day conference to bring together the thoughts and analyses of scholars to address the development, performance and challenges of transition economies. The aim of the conference is also to mark Ljubo Sirc’s centenary. Ljubo Sirc was one of the first scholars that was a thorough critic of state socialism deficiencies, especially in the area of investment inefficiency, lack of entrepreneurship and poor institutions.


The themes of the conference are:

Criticism of State Socialism – Still Relevant?

  • State socialism: remnants or resurrection? A comparative perspective. (transition and advanced economies; different trajectories of transition; signs of reversive transition; role of the state; populism and protectionism; environmentalism and anti-capitalism; fiscal and monetary policies;  structural reforms; property rights enforcement and the rule of law)
  • European Union: accession and integration policies. (the legal framework; decision-making rules; conditional transfers; sustainable immigration and welfare)
  • Political competition and economic institutions. (public versus private sector in health and education policies; regulation – too much, too little or bad regulation? socialist conceptions of the role of state in the democracy)

Business Environment and Corruption in Transition Economies

  • Business environment, market drivers and ethics (market frameworks; formal and informal practices; corruption; competition; digital economy; institutional upgrading; expertise and integrity of the judiciary; privacy and personal data protection; trade openness and foreign direct investment;)
  • Legacy or not (institutional traps that are not legacy of the past but have emerged from the transition process itself;  business elites and top management teams; clandestine networks; government sponsored crime; role of trade unions).

more information on the conference website: Thirty Years of Transition

Geographical focus
  • SEE
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Social Sciences
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  • Conference Danube Macroregion
  • Conference in EU/international

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