2018 TCI European Conference - “Turning challenges into opportunities”

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March 20-22, 2018
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South Eastern Europe has become an increasingly active part of the European cluster community. Bulgaria’s Presidency of the EU Council in 2018 will be an opportunity to connect the discussions at the TCI Sofia conference with the broader debate about where EU cluster policy needs to go.


The conference will be an important opportunity to take stock of what has been achieved as well as laying out the directions for what remaining challenges need to be challenged. It will also provide opportunities to engage with the full set of issues relevant for more effective cluster-based efforts, whether you are a policy maker, a manager of a cluster program, or a cluster initiative manager.

Two aspects will be addressed in the discussion, in particular:

First, how do cluster-based efforts need to be structured to align better with local circumstances, from the sophistication of firms to the capacity of government and the general conditions of competitiveness. Many of our members have seen the challenges in transplanting models that worked well in other regions to their location. In the EU this is a key issue, especially with EU policies providing a standard set of rules and frameworks. How can we draw on common learnings but also respond to unique local needs?

Second, how can cluster efforts become drivers of broader changes in locational competitiveness? Again, many of our members are not focused on developing an individual cluster but have the broader economic health of their location in mind. Others have been successful in developing their cluster but are faced with increasing demands from government to provide broader services outside of their cluster or region. What is the right approach to achieve broader impact while remaining anchored in the core cluster dynamics?

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