VI Regional Conference on "Industrial Energy and Environmental Protection" (IEEP)

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June 21-24, 2017
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VI Regional Conference on "Industrial Energy and Environmental Protection in South Eastern Europe", organised by the the Serbian Society of Thermal Engineers which will be held from June 21 - 24, 2017 at Zlatibor, Serbia


More than 20 years since the 1st conference of the Society of Thermal Engineers titled "Industrial Energy" and 9 years since I Regional Conference Industrial Energy and Environmental Protection in South-Eastern Europe, and following the success of the first four regional conferences, Serbian Society of Thermal Engineers carries on with a VI regional conference in 2017.

The necessity of frequent and persistent exchange of views on how the industry can improve its energy field and place energy efficiency on a higher level, is especially important now when it is reviewed if the EU energy policies are achieving the 20-20-20 objectives. Serbian Society of Thermal Engineers organizes this conference again two years since the previous one, and although there have been developments in legislation and in the implementation of specific projects within the region, the VI conference is above all an opportunity to analyze the actual achievements in improving energy efficiency, environmental protection and application of renewable energy sources.


1. Energy Policy, Legislature and Incentives

● Energy Policy of the Countries in the Region,
● National Regional Programs for Energy Efficiency,
● Incentive Measures for Improvement of Energy Efficiency,
● Financing Models of Energy Efficiency,
● Law Regulations.

2. Energy efficiency and energy management within industry and building

● Energy efficiency and sustainable development of industrial enterprises,
● Energy-efficient technologies,
● Problems and possibilities of co-generation and trigeneration usage,
● The use of waste heat and waste materials,
● Revitalization of technological energy systems in industrial companies,
● Energy Management Programs,

●The situation analysis and optimization methods in industrial energy,

●Measurement, control and process visualization.

3. Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

● Protection of air, water and soil and sustainable development of industrial enterprises,
● Treatment and Use of Waste Materials,
● Implementation of Kyoto Protocol,
● Activities and initiatives under the light of climate changes struggle,
● Concepts and Projects of Cleaner Production,
● Implementation of Analysis of Product Life Cycle.

4. The use of renewable energy sources

● The use of renewable energy sources,
● Using waste as fuel in industry,
● The use of local fuels,
● Replacing the fuel and the use of alternative fuels.

5. Special Sessions

     5a. Examples of good practices and existing solutions to increase EE and application of renewable energy sources

     5b. Improving education in energy and environment

Participants will have a chance to collaborate in organizing special sessions. Special sessions may be proposed if there are at least 6 papers to be presented within. The proposer can also be a special session moderator and will be released of the registration fee.


● Evaluation of the existent practice from technological, technical, managerial and ecological point of view,
● Analysis of the current problems with the consideration of existent legal and technical regulations in the specific areas and EU objectives in energy efficiency, application of renewable energy sources, sustainable development and climate changes solution activities,
● View to the future - development directions, presentation of new technical and scientific solutions,
● Presentation of good practice and implemented solutions,
● Publishing conference conclusions.


● Scientific content: subjects of special scientific and professional interest
● Side scientific content: professional and business discussions, round tables etc.
● Side commercial program, exhibition, business club, advertising panels promotions and presentation of equipment, products, hardware, software, publications
● Social program: cocktails, banquet, business lunches and dinners, organized with the aim of enabling networking among participants
● Side tourist and scientific program: study tours and excursions, which are custom-made following the interest of individuals.


  • Conference participants: 160 €
  • Paper authors and young researchers*: 120 €
  • Students** 60 €

*up to 35 years of age / ** with faculty confirmation of regular studies, up to 30 years of age

VAT is not included in given prices.

Registration fee includes:

● The right to participate in all sessions and conference presentations
● Book of Abstracts
● CD with conference papers and presentations of sponsors
● Welcome Cocktail
● Dinner Voucher
● Other conference materials.



  • February 27, 2017: Abstract Submission
  • March 20, 2017: Abstract Acceptance Notification
  • April 24, 2017: Paper Submission
  • May 15, 2017: Paper Acceptance Notification

Geographical focus
  • SEE
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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