4th International Symposium on Environmental Friendly Energies and Applications

Event date
September 14-16, 2016
Short description

Environment-Friendly Energies and Applications (EFEA) is a forum for bringing academics, scientists, engineers and industry together to discuss the recent developments in environment friendly energies and their applications. EFEA2016 will be held in Belgrade, Serbia from September 14-16, 2016 and is the fourth event in the EFEA series, following EFEA 2010 in Ghardaia, EFEA 2012 in Newcastle and EFEA 2014 in Paris.


The conference topics of EFEA 2016 include: 

  • Policy: Renewable Energy Technology Roadmap; R & D; Finance; Supply Chain; Marketing
  • Low Energy Building and Architecture: Green Building; Bioclimatic Architecture; Comfort and Indoor Climates; New Materials; Smart HVAC systems
  • Advanced Power Systems: Distributed Energy Resources; Smart Grid; Micro-grid; Power Electronic Convertors
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Electric Cars; Hybrid Engines; Regenerative Brake Systems; Power/Electric Transmission Systems; Battery, Energy Management
  • Control: Smart Electrical Energy Metering; Fault Tolerated Control Systems; Demand/Power Control
  • Wind Energy: Wind Turbine Aerodynamics and Structure; Wind Turbine Load and Power Control
  • Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems: On-grid and standalone Hybrid System; Power/Demand Management Systems; Resource Modelling
  • Solar Thermal and Geothermal: Solar thermal collectors; Solar Heat Pump; Combined Heat/ Power; Geothermal Heat Pump; Geothermal Direct Use
  • Hydrogen & Fuel Cell: Fuel Cell Power Plants; Hydrogen Production
  • Hydropower and Marine Energy: Micro & Pico Hydro System; Ocean Thermal Energy; Wave Energy
  • Energy Storage: High voltage batteries; Battery charge balancing and cooling; Charge/energy management; Ultra-batteries; Thermal, unconventional and Hybrid energy storage systems
  • Biomass: Biofuel; Biomaterials; Biomass Gasification; Biomass heating systems
  • Materials in Renewable Energy Technologies: Composite materials; Smart materials; Shape memory alloys
  • Education and Career: Higher education; Life-long learning; Prospects in green job opportunities

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For enquiries regarding Registration and Accommodation please contact the Symposium secretary BBN Congress Management Agency by sending emails to bbn@bbn.co.rs or bbn.pco@gmail.com with "EFEA 2016" as the subject of your email.

Source: EFEA

Geographical focus
  • International; Other
  • Serbia
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Engineering and Technology
Event type
  • Other

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