Tourism in the context of smart specialization: the example of Montenegro

The six Western Balkan economies are facing similar challenges and opportunities in upgrading their tourism sectors. Currently, all six economies are preparing the design and implementation of smart specialization strategies, thus adapting an approach known from EU cohesion policy to their needs. Montenegro is the first country in the Western Balkans to have drafted its strategy, and health tourism is part of the priorities defined. Based on the theoretical perspectives of self-discovery, related variety, tourism innovation and sustainability, the article analyzes the role of tourism in Montenegro's smart specialization strategy and draws conclusions for other Western Balkan economies on how to seize the opportunities of the smart specialization approach in developing tourism in a cross-sectoral way.

Maximilian Benner (2019) Tourism in the context of smart specialization: the example of Montenegro, Current Issues in Tourism, DOI: 10.1080/13683500.2019.1687663
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  • Research paper


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Maximilian Benner
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  • Montenegro
  • Western Balkans
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  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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