One year from the Conceptualization of the Regional Economic Area (REA) to its implementation

By the EU Policy Hub - Baisa Sefa

The Regional Economic Area (REA) was launched during the Trieste Summit in 2017, in the frame of the Berlin process (BP). Since the beginning, it proved to be the most dynamic regional initiative, bringing together 6 key EU member states and 6 candidate and potential candidate countries from the Western Balkans (WB6), by offering a new impulse to the EU enlargement perspective of the whole region.

Enlargement is about connecting markets. In this context, WB6 enlargement means integrating the 6 economies of the Western Balkan countries into the EU single market. As such, REA represents an integral part of the EU Integration process and catalyst for the region economic growth. But, the industries of the WB6 are still to become able to withstand competition, which results in trade deficits, foreign debt, and lack of financial space for public investment

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