Stagnation and Drift in the Western Balkans: The Challenges of Political, Economic and Social Change

This volume allows a new generation of scholars, from the Balkans and beyond, to shed light on some of the struggles the region faces. The combination of post-communist and post-conflict transition, together with the current economic and financial crisis, pose difficult challenges for the Western Balkans. 

What is the state of democracy in the region? Are the countries of the Western Balkans stuck somewhere between authoritarianism and genuine democracy? What are the remaining obstacles to state building? What effect has the crisis had on young people in the Western Balkans?

These are some of the questions the authors of this volume seek to answer. The studies look at different countries and combine methods from various disciplines ranging from political science, history, economics and law to sociology, anthropology and cultural studies.

The book is the result of the third annual RRPP scientific conference, held in Budva, Montenegro, in May 2011. The chapters in this volume were initially presented and discussed during this conference and selected from among some 45 contributions. The volume was edited by Claire Gordon, Marko Kmezic and Jasmina Opardija and has been published at Peter Lang International Academic Publishers as Vol. 10 of the series Interdisciplinary Studies on Central and Eastern Europe.

The book is available at Peter Lang as a hardcover and or e-book. To order the volume please refer to the Peter Lang website or download the formto order the book.

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Claire Gordon • Marko Kmezic • Jasmina Opardija
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  • Western Balkans
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