Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE – JPI) - Strategic Research Agenda

The Strategic Research Agenda provides a framework for joint research efforts and the alignment of existing programmes, such as the National Research Programmes "Sustainable Use of Soil as a Resource" (NRP 68) and "Healthy Nutrition and Sustainable Food Production" (NRP 69).

The FACCE-JPI Strategic Research Agenda is the result of a dialogue between high-level international scientists and stakeholders. It sets out 5 core research themes reflecting the key challenges to be tackled by FACCE-JPI: (i) Sustainable food security under climate change, (ii) Environmentally sustainable growth and intensification of agriculture, (iii) Trade-offs between food supply, biodiversity and ecosystem services, (iv) Adaptation to Climate Change, and (v) Mitigation of Climate Change. The Strategic Agenda defines short, medium, and long term research priorities and sets out joint actions for each of these core themes. It aims to reinforce infrastructures and platforms, training and capacity building in Europe and knowledge exchange. It also foresees evaluation and monitoring of its activities. The implementation of the joint research priorities has already begun with the FACCE MACSUR Knowledge Hub on the “Modeling of the impacts of Climate Change”.  A second joint action, an international call on Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in collaboration with non EU-countries, is planned for early 2013.

Source: email by E-ALERT Service, Euresearch Head Office

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Publishing director: Marion Guillou, Conception and Coordination: Heather McKhann, Contributors: Isabelle Albouy, Ophélie Hémonin, Gabriela Pastori, Claire Treignier, Tim Willis
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