Is Triple Helix Innovation Possible in Macedonia?

Macedonia is experiencing constrains in relation to science, technology and innovation policies which are similar to those of other South Eastern European countries since gaining independence. The country needs a holistic approach to research and development (R&D) issues and human capital creation in order to align its scientific and research target policies with the ones set in the EU’s Lisbon strategy 2020 (augmenting the R&D part in the nation’s GDP up to 3%). 

At the beginning, this paper gives a brief overview of the triple helix model of innovation. It also provides for a critical analysis of the Macedonian reality in terms of innovation. More specifically, the paper analyzes data on R&D in the private and public sector and the number of innovative activities measured by patents field and granted in Macedonia. It also examines the relations between the academia and the business sector, and the role of the public sector and the government in initiating the whole process of innovation. 

Whether, and to what extent, new hybrid forms of triple helix are emerging in Macedonia so as to shape the creation and the development of a national policy matrix for innovation is a question that asks for joint theoretical and empirical inquiry. This paper will feature the results of a survey conducted over 50 Macedonian technology firms. The empirical data complement the theoretical observations of the authors of this paper. 

The focus of this paper is to shed light on the possible patterns of old and new organizationa

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 11, Issue 5, pp.221-234. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.598MB).
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Republic of North Macedonia
Mirjana Stankovic, Bratislav Stankovic, Biljana Angelova, Julijana Temelkova
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  • Republic of North Macedonia
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