CfP: Under-Representation, Direct Democracy and Deliberation: Mapping Contemporary Challenges

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July 16, 2021
July 30, 2021
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Call for Papers:International Conference organized by the COST Action CA17135

Under-Representation, Direct Democracy and Deliberation: Mapping Contemporary Challenges

Ljubljana, 7-8 September 2021

Representative democracy has been under intense scrutiny in the last two decades for its shortcomings. The models and practices of direct and deliberative democracy were seen as complements that could improve the quality of decision-making. In spite of extensive research, several details remain unclear: how elections, referendums or deliberative practices can include the under-represented groups; how many citizens and who can get involved in decisions; what form and aims of representative, direct and deliberative democracy can ensure the effective presence of under-represented groups in decisions; what are the appropriate settings to ensure an inclusive engagement of citizens; and how can dialogue and reason accommodate the emotionality of participants. 

This conference aims to bring together works addressing, but not limited to, any of these challenges. The event will gather a group of 15-20 researchers working on these topics in order to facilitate the knowledge sharing and a better understanding of current events. The organizers strive for a balance between established academics, early career scholars (PhD candidates may also apply) and practitioners. We encourage theoretical, empirical or methodological papers related to representative democracy, direct democracy, or deliberative practices / experiments. 

Depending on the quality, and scope of works, the organizers have in mind either a special issue in an international peer-reviewed journal or an edited volume with a high-profile publisher.


Venue, application and costs

This is intended as a face-to-face event that meets the safety standards related to the COVID-19 pandemics. The deadline for applications is 30 July 2021 (applications received after deadline will not be reviewed). 

There is no conference fee. The organizers will cover the travel costs, accommodation and meals for the entire duration of the conference. 

Full details about the conference and the application form are available at  

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