Workshop: Enhancing language education in cross-border vocational education


Event date
February 6-8, 2023
ECML, Graz
Short description

Venue: ECML, Graz, Austria
Coordinator: Claudia Polzin-Haumann, Gemany
Participants: up to 35 experts nominated by the national nominating authorities - Profile of participants
Working languages: English and French, with simultaneous interpretation
Project website:

The promotion of language learning plays a particularly important role in border regions, especially in professional and vocational education. The project will focus on innovative processes which facilitate the crossing of linguistic and cultural borders as well as on the development of CLIL methodology in professional settings, connecting research to real needs on the ground.


How to get involved?

Individuals with a special interest and professional background in the topic of this particular project are invited to take up contact with the ECML National Nominating Authority in their country so that they can be considered for participation in the corresponding project workshop.

Project workshop, 7-8 February 2023

Workshop focus

The aim of the workshop is to review, revise and work on new resources to enhance language education in cross-border vocational education and labour markets, in the form of an online Guide for teachers, teacher educators, instructors and decision makers active in regional (cross-border) areas.

Profile of participants

Professional background

Researchers; stakeholders; (teacher) educators; decision makers in vocational education

Experience, competences required
  • Current or recent experience in the field of languages in vocational education in cross-border contexts (as a researcher, stakeholder, teacher, teacher educator or decision maker). 
  • Interest in enhancing language education in cross-border labour and education contexts. 
  • Familiarity with or interest in engaging with the development of European instruments which address language learning in vocational education specially designed for regions/border areas.

If you wish to participate click here and contact your National nominating authority.

Geographical focus
  • Albania
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • General/no specific focus
  • Montenegro
  • Republic of North Macedonia
  • Serbia
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • General
  • Social Sciences
Event type
  • Training

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