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The global nature of business has changed dramatically since the launch of EUREKA in 1985. As an initially European business focused Research and Development and Innovation (R&D&I) network, EUREKA responds to the demands of businesses to be able to collaborate globally to grow and scale. EUREKA is the network for supporting these ambitions by facilitating trans-national collaboration on innovation. Our mission is to enable businesses and research organisations to innovate with the best partners across the globe.
EUREKA is the largest global network of R&D&I funding ministries and innovation agencies from over 45 countries, including the European Commission as a founding member. The network members coordinate their public funding to support their businesses to prosper and thrive through collaborative transnational research and innovation projects. As the businesses increasingly look to global markets for their growth, EUREKA is the network to achieve those ambitions.

Businesses and other organisations from around the world from non-EUREKA member countries can participate in projects and either self-fund their own participation or through accessing their own national funding. Funding calls are launched all the time (on the EUREKA website and individual project consortia applying for the calls can involve companies, research organisations and other organisations from any country.
Geographically European countries, through their Ministries or National Innovation Agencies wanting to formalise their relationship with EUREKA, have the following possibility of membership:

• EUREKA Full Members – This is the status of specific interest for the Western Balkan countries. Full membership of EUREKA is open to those countries recognised by the United Nations that are European or have part of their territory within geographical Europe. Full membership is a permanent status. To date the Republic of North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia are EUREKA full members.
• There are two countries with a National Information Point about EUREKA (NIP) in the Western Balkans, which are Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within the EUREKA network it is currently discussing to welcome Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina as full members within the next two years.

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