Networks of Excellence - NoE

"Network of Excellence" is a possible funding scheme within FP7 designed for research organisations willing to combine and functionally integrate in a durable way a substantial part of their activities and capacities in a given field, with a view to creating in this field a European virtual centre of research.

These institutions implemente within the project a "Joint Programme of Activities" (JPA) based on the integrated  and  complementary  use  of  resources  from  entire  research  units,  departments, laboratories or large teams. This  goes  beyond  the  kind  of  cooperation  associated  with  single projects, in terms of the range of objectives, number of researchers, volume of activities, depth and duration of the cooperation. The implementation of this Joint Programme of Activities will require a formal commitment from the organisations integrating part of their resources and their activities.  
In addition to common research activities, and closely linked with them, the Joint Programme of Activities  could  include,  where  appropriate,  training,  dissemination  and  communication activities.