Multi-annual indicative planning document - MIPD

The multi-annual indicative planning document is an instrument of the Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA) which shall ensure the necessary coherence and complementarity between the IPA components in a given beneficiary country. Their implementation is described in the multi-annual programmes.

Regularly, in the frame of the enlargement policy, multi-annual indicative financial frameworks are prepared and based on these allocations, priorities are identified within the political framework. The Commission prepares Multi-annual Indicative Planning Documents (MIPD) for each country, plus one for all multi-beneficiary programmes. These also cover a three-year period. MIPDs (2011-2013) reflect the Commission's intention to increasingly use a more sector-based logic in its planning of pre-accession assistance.

This funding, which is available in all Western Balkan countries, can also be available for research and innovation activities in certain cases.