Joint Technology Initiatives - JTI

Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs) are a means to implement the Strategic Research Agendas (SRAs) of a limited number of European Technology Platforms (ETP). In these few ETPs, the scale and scope of the objectives is such that loose co-ordination through ETPs and support through the regular instruments of the Framework Programme for Research and Development are not sufficient. Instead, effective implementation requires a dedicated mechanism that enables the necessary leadership and coordination to achieve the research objectives. To meet the needs of this small number of ETPs, the concept of "Joint Technology Initiatives" has been developed.

They are long-term public-private partnerships with dedicted legal structures to implement a clearly defined objective. JTIs are dedicated to large-scale multinational research activities in areas of major interest to European industrial competitiveness and issues of high societal relevance.

JTIs have a dedicated budget and staff and provide a framework for the public and private players to work and take decisions together. They organise calls for proposals, oversee selection procedures and put in place contractual arrangements for projects set up to implement the JTI research agenda. They thus allow funds from different sources to be jointly managed and they are responsible for the related communication and dissemination activities. Each JTI includes a Governing Board, an Executive Director as well as other bodies, including advisory bodies, depending on its specific operational and governance needs.